THE Hoover Forum Blog – What it’s all about

We think Facebook is great.  It’s probably made a huge difference in today’s society, not only influencing what some people think, but also influencing what people do on a daily basis, and where they get their information from.

In our part of the world, Hoover, Facebook has directly impacted how some individuals and organizations and companies perform.  We think it had a lot to do with some topics that have been in the forefront of our lives in the past few years.

The one thing that Facebook is unable to do is show continuity.  The newsfeed moves much too fast to be able to reference some items.  In the world of the internet, there are different items that each contribute in a positive way.  A web site can display static (permanent) or dynamic (changing) content based on what the creator has in mind.  A social media site is more diverse than a web site, yet is very dynamic and hard to reference, plus it can be closed, meaning you can only view it if invited.  A forum allows for multiple people to interact on certain topics.  And a blog can convey a single or multiple ideas that focus on a single topic.

And so we bring you THE Hoover Forum Blog.  Since it’s inception, THE Hoover Forum has given the population of Hoover to talk about various issues that affect them directly.   This year is going to be a very important year not only in our country, but also in our city.  As we venture to our city’s golden anniversary (Hoover was incorporated in 1967), we want to make sure that YOU remain informed on the issues that are important to all of us as we go towards our centennial.

THE Hoover Forum blog will gather news from various web sites (Hoover Sun, , other blogs, social media and deliver it to you on one site.  The opinions are ours, but we welcome your opinion as well.  We may not always agree on certain topics, but we can always remain civil about it.

So enjoy the posts.